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Hi, I’m Dr. Renee Dua!

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Health equity through innovation

Patients before profits

Diversity is strength

Our team is our family

We’re all one people… on one planet

Renee in the News

How a Digital Health Assistant Improves Outcomes and Reduces Member Churn

For aging Americans, healthcare is just plain hard. Siloed providers, fragmented care, disconnected data and buried benefits are just a few of the complexities a typical polychronic patient struggles to navigate everyday.

Co-founder & CEO Nick Desai Talks Renee at Medicarians

Renee Co-founder & CEO Nick Desai stopped by Medicarians to talk about the app, the future of health management for aging Americans, and its impact on the healthcare industry.

A Diverse, Global Team Unified Around a Common Purpose

From Indonesia to Las Vegas and Cleveland to Croatia, our incredibly diverse team of professionals is working together to make healthcare easier and more equal - for all humans.

Renee exists because of the tireless support of our dedicated investors